Imagine the last time you were lost by no fault of your own. The directions were off, GPS signal wasn't available and no one seemed to be of any assistance. Let's add in that your vehicle's gas tank is on empty and the gas station is thirty miles away.  Now assuming you're human, multiply the emotions of fear, anger, confusion, fatigue and lack of direction times 60 (minutes) then 24 (hours) and finally by 365 (year). That is only a fraction of what our homeless community experiences each day.  Now imagine if you were looking for work with absolutely no computer skills. What would be the result?

For the price of lunchTogether we can make a difference!

"charge for change 2014" 

Partnering with the community to improve computer literacy


Charge for change

Jesus said that love is the greatest commandment! Helping another is the greatest gift of love....

       There is much work to be done and one individual nor entity cannot provide effective services to deliver the multitude of residents that have now fallen hostage to homelessness. We recognize that our government cannot solve this problem as it is a community issue. Homelessness must be approached from the standpoint of the parable that Jesus presented to the disciples referenced in Luke 10:29-37. The story of  the "Good Samaritan".

        Today 76% of Americans profess their faith as Christian. In Georgia alone we have a population of nearly ten million with 82% professing Christianity. Therefore we must ask the question: Where are our Works?

​We are the "Salt of the Earth" Let's stand up and make a difference! For what is the Salt if it has no flavor ? (Matthew 5:13)

Ye are the light of the world.
A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.
(Matthew: 5:14)


The more people we as a society can restore to stable productive environments the less we'll spend on social services, law enforcement and maintenance of our city's landscapes. Also consider the economic growth in taking a deficit and making them an asset to our communities, churches and government.

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