Bringing the plague of Homelessness to extinction
 At Grace Christian Outreach we seek to provide stability by rescuing the homeless individual from their lack of permanent shelter. Physiologically once a person looses their home; all sense of stability is lost. This leads to a loss of self esteem, potential mental instability, substance abuse, an increased danger of abuse or violence. It also presents an increased chance of entering the criminal justice system and most importantly the loss of ability or will to take care of oneself. Therefore permanent shelter for a minimum of one year is our first goal in providing deliverance.
 Several programs are implemented to address the individual's needs on a personal basis. We provide GED assistance, career training, faith based counseling, financial planning, benefit assistance, basic computer training and community mentorship through area churches. Prior to completion they receive training in job interview etiquette prior to being placed in the employment assistance program. The goal is to partner with area firms in providing an opportunity to restore the communities of which they serve. By incorporating our graduates they will receive tax credits, community support and a reduction in security cost while gaining a committed employee thankful for a second chance. The best practice in life is in making your enemy your friend. The bottom line is that the more people that we as a society can restore to a stable and productive environment the less we’ll spend on social services, law enforcement and maintenance of our city’s landscape. Let’s also consider the economic growth in taking a deficit and making them an asset!
There is much work to be done, one individual nor entity cannot provide effective services to deliver the multitude of residents that have been forsaken by our society. We also recognize that our government can’t solve this problem as it is a community issue.
 On January 1, 2014 “Charge for Change” was initiated to fund the purchase and renovation of a vacant hotel located in the City of Atlanta. The facility will be utilized for the transformation of 230 homeless individuals in offering one year programs for their rescue, rehabilitation and restoration to productive citizenship

Please donate towards the purchase of our new rehabilitation center to house 552 individuals in making a major difference in the lives of those whom have fallen hostage to the ultimate poverty of homelessness.

Our Vision


Grace Christian Outreach was founded to address the issue of homelessness. Our goal is to reverse it's symptoms by providing stability for individual recovery in a faith based environment. 


Productive citizens are our goal in restoring a positive outlook on life. The experience of a faith based environment produces a mental awareness that there is hope even in the worst of times. (Rom 8:28)


At Grace Christian Outreach, we've taken our collective experience to create our own methodology to provide a systematic recovery through a revised sense of self esteem and spiritual guidance.(Rom 12:11)

The vision of Grace Christian Outreach is to assert a holistic, comprehensive approach in addressing the multi-faceted needs of the homeless population. We are working to raise funding for the purchase this building to provide housing for a minimum of 200 residents enrolled in our rehabilitation program. In addition to providing food, clothing and shelter, we will provide GED assistance, career and job training, basic computer literacy, faith based counseling and benefit assistance. By doing so we will be able to rescue, rehabilitate and restore the homeless population one individual at a time.


Join us in making a difference !

Please volunteer or make a donation towards our efforts to change lives for a lifetime.

Changing lives one step at a time

(​Psalms 71: 20-21) (Jeremiah 32:27)